Home to Phone: Creating Clear Communication Across Different Platforms

The service brought to you by Home to Phone is guaranteed to be the most efficient and fastest way to share links between your desktop or laptop computer to your phone. This service smartly handles the transfer of phone numbers, thus making it simple and straightforward to dial numbers using your desktop or laptop computer. In some instances, Home to Phone will even convert your links automatically into mobile version. This makes it easy and fast for users like you to use the device without any problem.


  • Desktop to Phone Transfer

stencil.default (1)It’s quite easy to use Home to Phone when you need to transfer links or data from desktop to your mobile device. Make use of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The Home to Phone icon will automatically appear on the browser menu. Simply right clock on the page and select the Send to Phone option. Within seconds, the page you need will automatically pop up on your device!

  • Phone to Desktop or Laptop Computer

stencil.default (2)There are web pages and online links that are way better when viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. If you find yourself on interesting pages or if you want to bookmark websites for future references, simply select the Send to Desktop browser button from your mobile phone’s menu. In this way, you can simply load from the phone and your page will be laded onto your desktop or laptop instantly

  • Home to Phone Desktop for Windows

stencil.default (4)The easiest and fastest way outside of your browser is to send the links and phone numbers to your mobile device. This free Windows application from Home to Phone will allow you to copy and paste links as well as phone numbers from anywhere and then send all these important information directly to your smartphone. This application also guarantees quick access to loading links on your PC sent from your phone and directly in any browser you have.

  • Fast and Efficient

stencil.default (3)The Home to Phone service is highly recommended for Blackberry phone users. This patented Blackberry Push Service enables user to use Home to Phone service with all of its cool features. This application has an extremely small memory footprint. It was originally developed to avoid draining both battery and memory.

  • Share Important Links with Friends

stencil.default (5)With Home to Phone application, you can easily send fellow Home to Phone users links in a quick and efficient manner. All you need to do is simple type in their PIN and browser extension. There are also security features added into this service to avoid abuse and misuse of file and link sharing capabilities.