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Try Home to Phone for free! Simply follow the directions below to get a free trial (3 link limit, desktop to phone only). Buy the full version from MobiHand for the introductory price of only $2.99 to unlock full functionality and unlimited links!

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BlackBerry App Setup

desktop to phone screenshot

Download BlackBerry Application

Open your BlackBerry device browser (or scan the QR code below), and type in When prompted, click Download.

Compatible with BlackBerry OS 5.0 and above (4.6 and up coming soon)


desktop to phone screenshot

Application Setup

Once successfully installed, open the options page which can be found under Options > Home to Phone on your device. Click the Enabled box to enable push messaging. Optionally, type in a passcode which will need to match when links are sent in a browser. Auto-pop will automatically open your browser when links are received, however, if you turn it off, links will appear as messages in your Messages app on your device.

Firefox Extension Setup

desktop to phone screenshot

Install Home to Phone Extension

From within Firefox, download the Home to Phone Extension. When prompted, press Install and restart Firefox when asked.

Compatible with Firefox 2.0 and up

desktop to phone screenshot

Set up extension

Once Firefox has restarted, go to Tools > Add-Ons and double click on Home to Phone. Enter your device PIN (found under Options > Status on your device), and optionally the passcode you used during the BlackBerry application setup.

desktop to phone screenshot

Send links!

You are ready to go! Simply right click on any page in Firefox and select Send to Phone. You can also highlight a phone number, and then right click and select Send to Phone.

Home to Phone Desktop for Windows (BETA)

desktop to phone screenshot

Install Home to Phone Desktop

Download Home to Phone Desktop, and extract the ZIP file into a folder. Open the folder and open Install Home to Phone.exe. Enter your PIN and passcode, and start sending links and phone numbers!

Requires Windows and the Microsoft .NET Framework to run

Home to Phone Desktop for Chrome (BETA)

desktop to phone screenshot

Install Home to Phone for Chrome

From within Chrome, download the Home to Phone for Chrome. When prompted, press Continue.

Requires Google Chrome. Please note this is a beta and does not yet have the ability to send highlighted links or phone numbers. A full version will be coming soon!